Coller Institute of Venture

A global hub impacting the venture ecosystem

  • Global — connecting with researchers and practitioners worldwide and creating links within the global venture ecosystem
  • Hub — sharing our insights and analysis, combined with research from various sources
  • Impact — influencing key players and policy-makers, thus improving the venture ecosystem

Our services include:

  • More than 150 presentations and videos
  • Award-winning research papers on venture and innovation
  • Insightful academic publications in Coller Venture Review
  • More than $300,000 distributed in grants and awards
  • Op-eds and guest posts by prominent scholars and industry leaders

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Events are an integral part of the Coller Institute of Venture’s activities. We have extensive experience in setting agendas, securing relevant attendees, and collaborating with partners. Events are critical to our outreach efforts, in our mission to promote the exchange and development of ideas, and connect leading academic research with business initiatives.

Since we were established to become a “global hub to Impact the venture ecosystem,” our goal is to advance the state of venture creation globally by turning innovation into businesses and ultimately improving quality of life.

Some of our past events included:

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